Web developer with a strong passion for building applications that are delightful to use. Very detail-oriented and possess strong experience with TypeScript, React, and CSS, although I am always keeping up with the latest new developments in the front-end tech landscape.


Lead Front-end Engineer

Waymark, Detroit, MI · July 2018 - Present

TypeScript, React.js, Apollo, Vanilla Extract, NxPython, Django, Graphene (GraphQL), PostgreSQL

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer from July 2018 - September 2022.
    • Promoted to lead Waymark's newly-formed front-end team
  • Led various initiatives to improve infrastructure, developer experience, accessibility, and site performance
  • Worked on several high value projects as the sole developer, including:
    • Executed on a full rebuild of the Waymark video editor UI from the ground up
    • Built out UIs for core Waymark template browser and AI video generator flows
    • Wrote a Puppeteer web scraper to extract relevant brand info from a website


React Hover Video Player · March 2020 - Present

TypeScript, React.js, Playwright, Github Actions

  • An open source React component library for rendering video previews that play on hover
  • Over 220,000 downloads via npm to date
  • Also maintain a vanilla web component version of the library